This section is dedicated to whom is looking for special projects. Our artists are ready to elaborate your ideas and to propose their specialities designed to satisfy your expectations.  

The following pictures represent finalised projects showing you the exclusivity of their works.
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A majestic ladder done by genius designers. This project has involved our artists collaborating with interior designers from abroad establishing a profitable collaboration. 


Scagliola comes from a mineral, Selenite, a variety of gypsum that in its natural state appears in the form of thin plates or scales (thus the name "scagliola", from the Italian word "scaglia" or scale).  After the mineral is baked and ground to a fine powder, it is mixed with pigments of coloured earth and with animal glues to form a thick paste.
The original design is applied onto the slab of marble or of scagliola, traced over with hammer and chisel, and then carved into the slab.
Unique pieces such as tables, panels and gift items that end up in some of the most beautiful houses in the world.  
Used since ancient Roman times, scagliola once decorated the walls of the Circus Maximus stadium in Rome. 
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Mosaic is one of the most ancient and precious decorative arts. It requires patience and attention to create an "eternal painting" as Giorgio Vasari defined this technique. 

The Mosaics represented here can be placed on floors, walls, ceilings and domes. They can be inside or outside, on surfaces or under water.  For every idea that you have, we will recommend the best solutions and decide how to make it into a Mosaic and install it in your location.

The production times for our products are very short because we can count on a group of master Mosaic artisans with decades of experience. We realize that every artwork is unique and unrepeatable, so we guarantee extremely high quality service in every stage of the production of our Artistic Mosaics.