Good taste, creativity, genius and a pinch of madness have always characterized the Italian "know-how", from design to fashion, from cooking to cars, from architecture to art. The extraordinary ability to give shape and elegance to things, so appreciated abroad, is called with a definition coined in the 80s: Made in Italy.

The excellence of Italian craftsmanship must be protected, there are craftsmen who, with their hands, continue to transform tradition and creativity into ideas, which create unique pieces, a symbol of care, attention and prestige for those who own them.

Mosche Bianche allows you to enter the workshops of Italian artists to select a unique and precious creation.

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Sicilian modern design

Diamond Collection

Efesto Collection

Iron bonsai sculptures

Bright glass sculptures

Luxury ceramic vases and lamps

Modern design glass vases

Designer ceramic sculptures

Artistic design sculptures

Artistic design kitchenware

Ceramic ornaments and teapots

Traditional painted ceramics